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Laser Hair Removal FAQ

Laser Hair Removal Pre Care
  • Shaving within 12 hours before your treatment will remove the necessary amount of hair growth to avoid stinging during the procedure. Unlike waxing, we do not need to see the outer growth of the hair to remove it.
  • Skin should be free of any fake tan and it’s vital not to undergo sun or tanning bed exposure before laser hair removal. Wear a high factor SPF and keep the skin thoroughly moisturized.
  • For laser hair removal to work, there needs to be a hair follicle present! Do not wax, pluck ,sugar or epilate for up to 4 weeks before treatment. Shaving is acceptable as this does not eliminate the hair follicle beneath the surface of the skin.
  • Before a treatment of laser hair removal, make sure that your skin is clean, dry and free from any cosmetics, lotions, deodorants or make up.
How do I prepare for Laser hair removal?

Shave the targeted area, avoid tanning, and do not take any oral antibiotics or Retinol products for at least two weeks before the appointment. If you have any questions or concerns about getting laser hair removal, let us know! We’ll find a way to provide safe and effective results.

What can I expect in my first laser treatment?

Depending on the targeted hair and sensitivity of the area, you might experience a little bit of redness or irritation for a few hours. Let us know if you have especially sensitive skin, and we’ll find a solution to help reduce any discomfort.

Laser Hair Removal Aftercare
  • Do not pluck or wax any hair on the area that was treated. This can disrupt the treatment process and stimulate the hair follicle, leading to potential regrowth.
  • Exfoliate the area when any redness has subsided. This will be approximately one to two weeks after your appointment.
  • Avoid extremely hot baths, showers ,pool ,beach or steam rooms for at least 24- 48 hours, post-treatment.
  • Apply a vitamin E cream/oil or Bio oil if any pigmentation or discoloration occurs. This will help to soothe the skin.
  • Avoid direct sunlight for at least two to four weeks following your treatment.
  • Mineral make-up may be used on any facial areas treated with laser hair removal. To avoid any irritation, other cosmetics should be avoided until the skin has had time to heal.
  • Avoid the use of deodorants for at least 1 days after your treatment, to avoid irritation of the skin.
  • Itching is a rare side effect of laser hair removal. However, if this occurs, it’s important not to scratch the affected area as this can break the skin, causing a scab which could lead to scarring.
  • Avoiding excessive exercise for up to 48 hours following treatment will minimize any irritation
Will laser Hair removal Work on my Skin Type or Hair Type?

As long as the hair you are looking to target is dark, laser hair removal offers a permanent reduction of hair.It is ideal for people with thick, dark hair. Unfortunately, the laser does not work on blonde, red, gray or white hair.

Does Laser Hair removal really work?

Laser hair removal is not a perfect science, therefore results may vary but generally speaking one can expect a 70 to 80 percent reduction after 6 to 8 treatments.

Laser Hair Removal Pricelist

Consulation Fee$50 (Fee is deducted from your first visit treatment cost).


  • lip $100
  • Chin( Small area) $125
  • Chin ( Large area) $200
  • SideBurns $150
  • Ears $175
  • Lower Face( Sideburns,Lip,Chin) $250
  • Back of Neck $200


  • Under Arms $200
  • Half Arm $300
  • Full Arm $650
  • Fingers and Back of hand $150
  • Full Legs $750
  • Half Legs $500
  • Toes and Feet $150
  • Full Back $500
  • Full Chest $500
  • Areola- $100
  • Full Stomach $500
  • Happy Trail Stomach (Straight line above and below navel) $225
  • Belly(under navel in straight line) $150
  • Buttocks $350
  • Bikini Line $250
  • Semi Brazilian $300
  • Brazilian $350

After completion of Initial Sessions clients receive a 20% discount on future treatment for the selected treatment area previously treated.

Package Available

  • 6 Treatments –10% discount with advance payment
  • 12 Treatments-15% discount with advance payment
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